Nokia 1.4 in Nepal [Attractive Features at Affordable Prices]

Nokia 1.4 in Nepal [Attractive Features at Affordable Prices]

Nokia 1.4 in Nepal [Attractive Features at Affordable Prices]

The new smartphone under Nokia One series has been unveiled in the Nepali market. The company has launched Nike 1.4 as the biggest fan of this series. The screen of this fan is 6.52 inches.

The main features of this phone are Android 10 operating system, IPS LCD display (720x1600 pixels), Snapdragon 215 processor, 8 megapixel main camera, 5 megapixel selfie camera, 4000 mAh battery, fingerprint.

The company claims that you can get a good experience for internet and distance learning from this fan. The dual camera setup integrated into Google's Camera Go app helps you take high quality photos at any time and even in low light conditions.

The camera Go app and Nokia 1.4's powerful combination of dual rear and front-facing cameras can capture beautiful bouquet portraits and low-light beautiful shots, the company said.

Valuable family moments can be captured with portrait mode to take professional photos in blur backgrounds. Night mode can be used without the need for flash to take low-light shots in the camera of this phone which comes with color rich and crisps photos.

According to the company, its hardware is also very strong, durable and has a great design. Nokia 1.4 has been available in Nepal since 17 February. Available in 2GB RAM and 32GB storage, the phone is priced at Rs 12,899. The phone will be available in gray and purple disc color variants.

Here is the latest price list of Nokia smartphones in the Nepali market

Model                                   Price 

Nokia C1 (1GB + 16GB)   7,199 /-

 Nokia - C1 Plus (1GB + 16GB) 8,399/-

Nokia C2 (1GB + 16GB) 9,299 / -

Nokia 2.2 (2GB / 16GB) 9,499 / -

Nokia C3 (2GB / 16GB) 12,499 / -

Nokia 2.3 (2GB / 32GB) 13,499 / -

Nokia 2.4 (2GB / 32GB) 12,999-

Nokia 3.4 (3GB + 64GB) 15,999/-

Nokia 5.3 (3GB / 64GB) 21,000 / -

Nokia 5.3 (4GB / 64GB) 23,499 / -

Nokia 7.2 (4GB / 64GB) 33,999 / -

Nokia 1.4 (2 / 32GB) 12,899/-

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