Nepal-India Flight Gives Relief To Star Hotels In Kathmandu, Occupancy Increased By 15%

Nepal-India Flight Gives Relief To Star Hotels In Kathmandu, Occupancy Increased By 15%

Nepal-India Flight Gives Relief To Star Hotels In Kathmandu, Occupancy Increased By 15%.

 The star hotel in Kathmandu has been relieved since the start of Nepal-India flight. Room sales have skyrocketed, and the restaurant and banquet business is having a positive impact.

Businessmen have said that they are relieved that the Nepal-India flight has become easier, even though there will be no expected business until the tourism sector is fully attracted to the 'New Normal' after the corona is removed. He says it has raised hopes that business will not stop.

Entrepreneurs have stated that up to 15 percent occupancy is being maintained in five-star hotels in the capital at present. Prior to this, the in-house restaurants of various hotels had only guest arrivals. Recently, with the arrival of Indian passengers, the small  program has started to be organized remarkably.

Lazimpat-based Hotel Radisson has stated that there is a demand for the event. Kiran Pant, human resource director of the hotel, said that the demand for banquet service, which had decreased immediately after the wedding season, has started coming again. The demand for the event has been increasing since the launch of Nepal-India bilateral flights. We have been serving 25 to 50 people at an event following health safety standards, ”he said.

He said that the hotel with a capacity of 260 rooms has brought 100 rooms into operation at this time. At present, the occupancy rate of the hotel is around 15 percent. 'Most of the guests are from India and India. At present, tourists from our main markets, including the United States, Europe and China, are unlikely to arrive, 'he said.

Market Manager Sagar Chandra Vantawa said that up to 15 rooms are being sold at Hotel Yak & Yeti at Durbar Marg out of 247 rooms. "As soon as the Nepal-India flight has started, the arrival of Indian guests has started. "There is a demand for corporate house training programs, especially with NGOs and INGOs," he said.

Hotel Solti, which has brought 100 out of 282 rooms into operation, has been filling 25 rooms regularly lately, said Sudarshan Chapagain, vice-chairman of the hotel. The hotel has 20 Qatar Airways crew members and five guests. Stating that the demand for visitors for restaurant and banquet services has been gradually increasing recently, he said, "The business situation is improving now. We hope that the vaccine will have a more positive impact on the business. We have been serving 25 to 50 people in one program according to the government health standards in the events being organized.

According to him, inquiries have started coming through travel agencies in the Middle East including China, Korea and Japan.
Praveen Bahadur Pandey, the manager of Hotel Sangrila, said that the campaign started as soon as the vaccine arrived from India. He said that he would be quick to say that the demand for the event has already gone up. In Kathmandu alone, the hotel association has 300 members. Previously, every hotel had at least two events per day. But in this situation, not only hotels but also party palaces, restaurants and other areas have been affected, 'he said.

He informed that guests are regular in 10 out of 100 rooms. '10 percent occupancy can not support. Occupancy needs to be 50 percent to reach break even, 'he said,' It is difficult to pay employees at the current occupancy rate. The service is open, and work is being done to convey the message that we are ready to provide services when tourists come.

The Kathmandu Marriott has stated that there has been a gradual demand for small events lately. Hotel operator Shashi Kant Agrawal said that the business of Indian passengers coming for business purposes has started as soon as the Nepal-India flight has started.

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