Nepal's 10 Largest IT Companies[ Which Pay Up To A Million]

Nepal's 10 Largest IT Companies[ Which Pay Up To A Million]

Nepal's 10 largest IT companies, which pay up to a million!

Rabindra Dhungel 

Nepal is one of the countries with good potential in IT. More than 10,000 people have found employment in the Nepali information technology market, which has about 500 companies. The wave of Nepali IT, which seems to be secret is linked to Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) in rich countries.

According to a  businessmen, Nepal's IT companies are bringing 25 to 30 million dollars (about 3 billion rupees) to Nepal annually through outsourcing. According to him, if this market can be managed, such income is likely to increase up to five times.

The service facilities of the employees working in these companies are also very attractive. People working in such companies earn a minimum of Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 200,000 a month. Other special facilities are provided for IT engineers or employees working in higher positions. They have taken the pleasant experience of working in a well-equipped company abroad from these IT companies in Nepal.

IT related work like software development, app, web system, SEO, web site design and development is done by Nepali IT companies for different countries abroad. Currently, India, China, Philippines, Vietnam and Costa Rica are the major hubs for outsourcing. After that, Nepal is seen as a country with great potential. Most of the 500 IT companies in Nepal have been set up with Nepali investment. Some companies are run by foreigners. But, Nepalis work in all those companies. Here are 10 of the biggest IT companies in Nepal.

1. Verix Information Technology: In 2000, Rudra Pandey, a Nepali living in the United States, started the Ditu Hakai Company with Chris Kitter. That company also established an IT company in Nepal. Probably considered a pioneer in outsourcing to Nepal, the company came to be known as Verix in 2009. The company now outsources large quantities from Nepal to the US market. Pandey has now sold the company to foreigners. Verix employs more than 350 people. It performs various functions of software development. The company, based in Hattisar, has partnered with companies in the US. The company has been outsourcing US healthcare and insurance software development.

2. DeerWalk: This company also belongs to Rudra Pandey. Pandey opened the company after selling Verix to foreigners. Dearwalk is one of the largest IT companies in Nepal. Pandey lives in the United States and runs this company in Nepal. The company, which aims to open an IT college, was first run by Pandey's wife and then moved there himself. The company, which opened in 2009, has been outsourcing to the US market. According to Love Kafle, the company's solution architect, Deer Walk now employs about 350 people. It has been doing IT related work in the US Medicare sector. DeerWalk is a company that specializes in software development. Its head office is in Sifal, Kathmandu.

3. F-One Soft: Started from a room by an ordinary young student Bishwas Dhakal 11 years ago, the company is now making a name for itself as F-One Soft not only in Nepal but also in the world market. F-One Soft has gained a reputation in Nepal for its popular services such as cash on ad, e-service, phone pay as well as banking software and app development. The IT company has 250 employees and only 120 engineers. The other four companies under the umbrella of this company in Kamalpokhari are Phone Pay (Iseva), Sirantech, Dharma Tech and Cash on Aid. The manpower working in this company is all Nepali.

4. Sprout Technology: Sprout Technology is another big IT company in Nepal. It is an IT company run by a foreigner in Nepal. Outsourcing in 30 countries around the world, the company has focused its work on Nepal and Kenya. There are 130 people working in this company. This company does online jobs, software, data entry etc. Its main company is Cloud Factory. Its office is at Bhasipati in Lalitpur.

5. EB Pearls: EB Pearls is another big company in the wave of IT companies in Nepal. The company has an office in Kathmandu with 120 staff and is working on 2800 projects. The company has been working in web design, mobile app, e-commerce, enterprise. Headquartered in Kupandol, EB Pallars has branch offices in Sydney, Melbourne and London, Australia. It is an Australian multinational company. It is working with various companies from various Australian government bodies, including Samsung.

6. Lipfrog: Himal Prasad Karmacharya Chief Executive Officer Lipfrog is another of the largest IT companies in Nepal. The company, which started in 2010 with eight staff members, has managed to make a big leap in just two years. According to Prakash Dhakal, HR Manager, Lipfrog, the company serves as a "client" for Lipfrog Technology Inc. in Massachusetts, USA. "We work primarily for the US," he said. At present, the company has 120 employees. Of which there are more than 100 engineers. The company also conducts three trainings each year to recruit students who have just passed engineering. The company does software development work. The office of this company is located in Dilli Bazaar.

7. Aviante: Aviante in New Baneshwor is another big IT company in Nepal. The main work of this company is software development. It does ebooks, data migration, data security, data conversion, etc. of American Bank. This company works all over the United States except for a few in Nepal. Headquartered in the United States, the company was founded by Sandeep Acharya and his friends. The CEO of the company's Nepal office is now his wife Saluja Acharya. The company employs over 100 people. There are more than 60 IT engineers.

8. Brain Digit IT Solutions: Founded in 2008, Brain Digit is another IT company in the Nepali market. Located in Kalikasthan, Kathmandu, the IT company has been providing services such as business application development, enterprise content development, mobile apps, collaborative e-commerce solutions in the global market. Brain Digits outsources to Canada and the Philippines. Apart from this, it has been supplying its products to various other countries of the world. It has also worked on projects of Nepal's Ministry of Labor and Ncell. The company has also won various awards. Hariman Pradhan is its chairman and Nischalman Pradhan is its chief executive officer. It has more than 100 employees.

9. Yomiuri Solutions: Founded in 1997, Yomiuri Solutions. It is one of the oldest IT companies in Nepal. Yomiuri does a lot of work, including software development and web development. It has worked on various national / international organizations including Government of Nepal, SAARC, Nepal Telecom and business, educational houses projects. The IT company, which has its Man Bhawan office in Lalitpur, employs more than 70 people.

10. Access Key: Arjun Thakuri is also one of the largest IT companies in Nepal with Chief Executive Officer. In which 52 employees work. It has been doing various works including web site design and development, ecommerce, search engine optimization, mobile application. Accesskey has also been outsourcing its products. The office of Access Key is located in Ravi Bhawan, Kathmandu.

Other 10 Big IT Companies:

11. Link Plus
12. Microsoft Innovation St.
 13. Javra
14. SPI
16. Logpoint
17. Janaki Technology
18. Link Professional Computer System
 19. Mandala Software
20. Hi-tech solutions
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