WorldLink Is Building Data Centers In 14 Cities With An Investment Of Rs. 3 Billion

WorldLink Is Building Data Centers In 14 Cities With An Investment Of Rs. 3 Billion

WorldLink Is Building Data Centers In 14 Cities With An Investment Of Rs. 3 Billion

WorldLink Communications, the largest private Internet service provider, plans to build data centers in 14 cities across the country. Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, WorldLink announced that it is going to build the data centers within three years with an investment of Rs 3 billion.

Globally, Internet traffic is growing at an unprecedented rate, which is putting pressure on the Internet's infrastructure and deteriorating the Internet experience and speed that users receive.

Quality Internet access requires servers to be as close to users locally as possible, storing Internet content for users.

Nepal also sees a significant increase in the use of digital services in Internet traffic.

Apart from this, the government has also declared Digital Nepal as a national pride project of the Government of Nepal, so now there will be a great need for telecommunication infrastructure, network and advanced technology.

Government and private sector organizations need to adapt quickly to high-tech digital technologies, as well as cloud-based services.

The company concludes that the need of the hour is to have a secure and reliable internationally recognized and well-equipped data center within Nepal to meet this need.

Speaking at the press conference, Keshav Nepal, CEO of WorldLink Communications, said that the data center will determine the direction of Nepal's internet in the next 10 years.

Out of the 14 data centers, the data center in Kathmandu will be the largest, designed in the internationally recognized Tier 4 power system and with Tier 3 certification, while the rest of the data centers will be Tier 2 certified in medium and small size.

These data centers will be neutral and convenient to use. This means that the facility will not only manage WorldLink's infrastructure but also other Internet service providers, telecom service providers including government, private institutions and the entire country will need information technology, telecommunication infrastructure.

In the next three years, WorldLink will invest around Rs 3 billion to build a data center. The company aims to provide customers with reliable and quality internet service as well as help build a digital Nepal.

The company claims that the convenience of these Internet data centers enables all users to access Internet content faster, cheaper and more reliable.

Even public and private entities have access to secure and reliable world-class facilities to operate their own digital and cloud-based infrastructure, the company said.

WorldLink will collaborate with Nepal Telecommunication Authority, Nepal Electricity Authority and Government of Nepal in the construction of data center and this infrastructure will be established as the most important infrastructure of Digital Nepal.

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