Sathi Mart Launching Nepal's First Online To Offline E-commerce

Sathi Mart Launching Nepal's First Online To Offline E-commerce

Sathi Mart Launching Nepal's First Online To Offline E-commerce

Rabindra Dhungel 

For the first time in Nepal, online to offline (O2O) e-commerce will be launched. Sathi Mart is going to start O-O online shopping service by giving delivery on the day of order from village to city of Nepal.

With the slogan 'Smart Shopping Now', Sathi Mart is working on both online and offline (O2O) shopping. Sagar Pokhrel, founder and CEO of Sathi Mart, said that the company gives special priority to Nepali products.

Targeting unemployed and young people who are thinking of doing something in Nepal, Sathimart will start a business without any investment and will make at least 30,000 youth self-employed this year through 'Sathimart Affiliate Startup Plan'. Pokhrel said that the target was set.

Sathimart's mobile app for online shopping will be launched in February and the service will be launched at the same time. Consumers will be able to shop cheaply and easily from Sathi Mart, a startup company started by Nepali youth, as well as life time discount cards, gift vouchers, monthly shopping plans, lucky draw coupons, and the opportunity to travel abroad.

Sathi Mart, which has been promoting its franchise partners in various locations, has stated that there are four ways to make a profit by investing in a simple mart or shop, including online, offline retail outlets and distributors. Pokhrel said that Sathi Mart is currently providing free franchise.

To become a franchise partner, consumers can apply online through SathiMart's official website and SathiMart's official Facebook page. Saying that the era of old single shop is coming to an end globally, the chain has also moved towards starting supermarkets in Nepal.

Sathi Mart believes that the era of digital mart will start when 70 percent of the internet users are already there. Sathi Mart, which started its first outlet in the capital's Boudha on August 13 this year, has brought 61 outlets into operation across the country in less than five months.

SathiMart, which has managed to set up outlets in major cities from Kaakadvitta to Dhangadhi, has started teaching 'supermarket culture' to consumers in various places like Arghakhanchi, Jiri, Galchi and Darchula, which have not yet practiced supermarkets.

According to Pokhrel, CEO of Sathi 
Mart Inc., more than 350 people are currently getting direct employment in corporate offices and outlets at SathiMart.

SathiMart offers a wide range of groceries, hygiene items, beverages, snacks, dairy products, frozen food, gifts, breakfast items and more.

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